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Weibang Legacy 48 Pro

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Weibang Legacy 48 Pro

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Weibang Legacy 48 Pro The new Weibang range offers durable, quality, value for money garden machines. The Legacy 48 Pro is a professional quality 48 cm rear roller lawnmower. The aluminium cutter deck offers durability and resistance against corrosion,



Weibang Legacy 48 Pro The new Weibang range offers durable, quality, value for money garden machines. The Legacy 48 Pro is a professional quality 48 cm rear roller lawnmower. The aluminium cutter deck offers durability and resistance against corrosion, with a professional 3 speed gearbox and cutting height adjustment from 13 - 67mm. Powered by a quality Kawasaki FJ180 engine. The Legacy Pro features an industry leading 3 year commercial warranty. 

Cutter Deck Aluminium
Engine Kawasaki FJ180-AM74
Cutting Width 48cm
Power Drive PRO 3 Speed
Box Volume 72 L
Cutting Height Adjustment 13-67mm / Single lever 7 position
Wheel Size 178mm /127mm
Adjustable Handle Fully Adjustable with Service Position
Roller NEW Heavy Duty Double Ratchet
Weight 64.5kg

What is the difference between a Weibang Legacy 48V and a Legacy 48 PRO?

The Legacy 48 PRO is suitable for commercial users and has additional features enabling the mower to withstand the demands of professional use. The gearbox is upgraded to a heavy duty 3 speed gearbox, an ETS system is incorporated into the roller system which absorbs the shock which occurs upon engagement of the drive and the power is provided by a professional quality Kawasaki FJ180V engine. Additionally, the Legacy 48 PRO is fitted with a front bumper providing protection for the aluminium cutter deck and is supplied with a 3 Year commercial warranty (subject to annual service at an approved Weibang service dealer). 

How does the crankshaft protection system on the mower work?

The Weibang Crankshaft Protection System helps to reduce the risk of accidental damage caused to the crankshaft when a hard object is struck with the mower blade. The mower blade on the Weibang Legacy roller mower is fitted against a slightly domed disc. If the mower blade hits a hard object, the blade will slip on the edge of the disc greatly reducing the impact passed through the crankshaft which can potentially lead to costly damage.

The Weibang Rear Roller Mowers are heavier than other roller mowers on the market. Why is this?

Weibang Legacy rear roller mowers are manufactured using heavy duty, robust components to guarantee a long service life. The Weibang Legacy range of rear roller mowers are designed to leave a clear attractive stripe on the lawn and in order to achieve this, there needs to be adequate weight over the rear roller.

Can you mulch using a Weibang Legacy roller mower?

The Weibang Legacy roller mowers do not have a mulch function. In order to achieve the clearest stripe, optimum collection performance is essential. If you are looking for a mower capable of mulching, we recommend looking at the four wheeled Weibang Virtue lawn mower range.

How do I store the lawnmower over the winter?

Ensure the mower is clean and dry before storing over the winter in your garden shed or garage. We recommend adding B3C Ethanol Shield Fuel Stabiliser to the fuel throughout the mowing season which protects the engine from damage caused by Ethanol in fuel. If a fuel stabiliser is not usually used, we would advise to add some to the fuel before you store the mower and allow the engine to run for approximately 10 minutes to ensure the stabiliser passes through the fuel system. 

Is it ok to clean the grass collector with a hose pipe?

Yes, it is important that the grass collector is kept as clean as possible. The special airflow design of the collector aids the collection capability of the mower. If the fabric is covered in grass cuttings, airflow is restricted leading to reduced collection performance. Grass clippings which are left on the collector for prolonged periods of time can also cause the fabric to break down.

How often should I have the Weibang Legacy lawnmower serviced?

We advise that to keep any warranty valid and the high performance of the mower is maintained,  the lawn mower should be serviced annually at your local Weibang service dealer. A good time to have the lawnmower serviced is at the end of the season prior to storing it away for the winter so you can be sure the mower is ready for when the next season comes around

How is the stripe created on the lawn? 

The rear roller of the Weibang Legacy Roller mower pushes down the blades of grass resulting in the light reflecting off the grass at different angles. Click here for further information on getting the perfect stripe on your lawn.

Who should I contact if I need a spare part for my Weibang Legacy roller mower?

Your local Weibang dealer will be able to provide you with any spare part for your Weibang Legacy lawn mower.

Is there any assembly required if I buy the Weibang rear roller mower online?

No, the Weibang Legacy rear roller lawn mowers are fully assembled in the factory. Simply set the handle bar height to suit, add the supplied engine oil and fresh fuel and you are ready to mow.

Which oil should I use in the Kawasaki engine on the Weibang Legacy PRO roller mowers?

It is recommended that SAE30  4-Stroke lawnmower engine oil is used in all Weibang roller lawnmowers with a Kawasaki engine.


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