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Henchman Standard Duty 3 Leg Adj Tripod 6ft Ladder

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Henchman Standard Duty 3 Leg Adj Tripod 6ft Ladder

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Henchman 6ft Standard 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladder.  Three is the magic number! Provided you can get your Tripod Ladder to stand up, it is impossible for all three feet not to be in firm contact with the ground, no matter how uneven your garden is.



Henchman 6ft Standard 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladder

The ONLY fully adjustable tripod ladder certified to UK safety standards The UK and EU have strict standards called EN131, which cover a range of requirements set by industry experts to help you choose a ladder that’s proven to be safe. The standards require annual testing by an independent testing house for the ladder's stability, grip, dimensions, safety labelling and the safe working load of 150kg - 50% more than some competitors.

When it comes to EN131 standards, you may see phrases like ‘conforms’, ‘tested’ or ‘built to’ EN131. However, these terms can suggest that the ladder is not fully tested - it could have the right dimensions but the working load may not have been safety tested, for example. Our 3-adjustable leg ladder meets the full specification, meaning you can be confident that your Henchman ladder will keep you safe. If unsure about the quality of a ladder, the EN131 certificate should be available to the public, and can be shown to you when asked. Find out more about EN131 ladder standards. What’s new with our Henchman Fully Adjustable Tripod Ladder?

Our original line up of tripod ladders has been on the market for over a decade, and during that time we’ve sold tens of thousands to happy customers. We’ve also collected your feedback and collated it into a series of design updates and improvements. You spoke, we listened. Improved platform - the ladder platform is now deeper to provide more leg room, and the higher guardrail feels more secure when leaning against it. Increased adjustability - now up to 80% more adjustability than our original tripod ladders Safer, more durable mechanism on all legs. Increased strength and rigidity - the reengineered larger legs are 15% stronger than our previous adjustable tripod, improving the rigidity for an even more stable experience.


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