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Aspen 4 5 Litres

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Aspen 4 5 Litres

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Aspen 4 alkylate petrol is the cleanest form of petrol that is today available on the market.


Aspen 4 alkylate petrol is the cleanest form of petrol that is today available on the market. Using normal premium unleaded petrol in small capacity engines without catalytic converters is damaging for your health, the environment and not particularly clever for the machinery


  • Aspen 4 is the cleanest petrol that you can use

  • Aspen is made from Alkylate Petrol which is made from the gases from the top of the distillation tower which is then synthetically modified into a liquid again

  • The result is a petrol that is totally free from sulphur, benzene and aromatics (solvents)

  • It is chemically inert meaning that you can leave the fuel in the machinery and your lawnmower will start next spring again

  • An added bonus is that it does not smell, the exhausts does not smell, it will not smoke and you are breathing a much cleaner air when you are mowing your lawn

Cleaner air, cleaner life

Aspen alkylate petrol is virtually free from sulphur, benzene and solvents making it less harmful than regular petrol. You are breathing much cleaner air when working with your power tools and with these ingredients removed, the odour produced is minimal freeing you from the headaches this can cause.

Better for the engine

Aspen keeps your machines protected in use and in storage, starting easier, giving maximum performance and staying fresh for years. Regular petrol contains ethanol which is known to cause harm to small petrol engines. Aspen is ethanol free thus extending engine life and reliability.

Reduce toxic emissions

Aspen contains significantly less harmful and toxic hydrocarbons which therefore reduces the impact your machinery makes on the environment.

What is Alkylate Fuel?

The name alkylate comes from the word alkylation, which is the name of the process by which the raw alkylate is produced.

From gas to liquid
Alkylate is a synthetically produced petrol component. The alkylation process takes place at oil refineries. Alkylate is formed from the excess gases produced in the distillation of crude oil and oil cracking.

Alkylate is one of the cleanest petroleum products that can be produced. It is composed of up to 10 different components while regular petrol can contain 350 different components.

The majority of alkylate produced in the world is used in regular pump fuel because it is free from aromatics and olefins. This helps to bring the fuel within the specifications which are allowed to be sold on the forecourts.



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